School Bus Routes



Providing safe, professional transportation for our families and communities throughout New England since 1925.

F. M. Kuzmeskus, Inc. has over 100 school bus routes running throughout Massachusetts & Vermont.

Click the district list button to find your school’s bus routes. Click the route to find all the stops and times. Please keep in mind that all times are approximate and the students should be outside at their stop at least 5 minutes prior to their pickup time.

Rules of the Ride

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is expected.
  • Walk against traffic if you have to walk on roads where there is no sidewalk. Try and stay off the road as much as possible.
  • Look left, then right, then left again when crossing the street to get on the bus stop. Don’t run.
  • Stand 3 giant steps away from the curb when waiting at the bus stop.
  • Stand single file without pushing or shoving. Don’t crowd others in the line. 
  • Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver clearly gestures to board before approaching the bus or crossing the street.
  • Let the bus driver know if you drop something near the bus. Don’t pick it up until after they’ve acknowledged it is safe to do so.
  • When you get on the bus, take your seat quickly.
  • Stay in your seat until you arrive at your destination.
  • Keep the aisles clear with your belongings securely on your lap or in your backpack.
  • Socialize quietly; there are many people on the bus. Do not shout or make loud noises that could distract the driver.
  • Keep hands and objects inside of the bus at all times.
  • Always follow the driver’s instructions.
  • Remain seated until the bus has stopped and the service door has opened.
  • Use the handrail when exiting the bus.
  • Ensure that you don’t get caught when exiting the bus; secure loose clothing, straps, and other materials.
  • If you have to cross the street: Only cross in front of the bus! Walk at least 5 giant steps ahead of the bus before crossing. Make eye contact with the driver. Wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing.

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EEO Policy Statement – Effective as of 1/2009
F. M. Kuzmeskus, Inc. / TRAVEL KUZ policy with respect to EEO Affirmative Action Compliance is set forth below.


It is the policy of F. M. Kuzmeskus, Inc. dba TRAVEL KUZ to provide equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, status as a disabled veteran and/or Veteran of the Vietnam Era or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. In addition, F. M. Kuzmeskus, Inc. dba TRAVEL KUZ will provide reasonable accommodation for otherwise qualified disabled individuals.

F. M. Kuzmeskus, Inc. dba TRAVEL KUZ goal is to achieve at least proportional representation of women and people of color across the company. Our programs are designed to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, directives and regulation and cover all human resource actions including employment, compensation, benefits, training, education, tuition aid, transfers, promotion and social/recreation programs.